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Stewarts of America - Pinned Aprons, More

Stewarts of America manufactures and supplies a wide variety of parts for nonwoven machinery.

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Stewarts has more than 130 years of pin and pinned product manufacturing experience.  A team of in-house engineers, machinists and fabricators manufacture projects here in the United States.  The Stewarts team also has valuable experience in the design of pin patterns for specific or unusual fiber opening requirement.

Pinned Aprons

  • For all major machinery makers
  • Wide variety of pin sizes, patterns available
  • Wooden, Aluminum or Plastic materials or combination of materials.
  • Aluminum slats are re-pinnable

Pinned Waste Opening Lags

  • For all major machinery makers
  • Wide variety of pin sizes and patterns
  • Upgrade existing wooden lags to aluminum
  • Aluminum lags will not shatter or fuel a fire
  • Aluminum lag is repinnable

Crosslapper Lattices

  • For all major machinery makers
  • Plastic, aluminum, wood, or combination of materials
  • Wooden or aluminum slats
  • Excellent wear resistance

Pinned Picker Rolls

  • For Fehrer, Autefa, LaRoche, NSC Schlumberger and other OEM machinery
  • Up to 5 meters wide
  • Rollers are broken into many lags; localized pin damage is easily fixed while roller is in machine.

Brush Segments and Rollers

  • For all major machinery makers
  • Wide range of bristle materials, velour brush segments
  • Aluminun rails for all needle looms

Chute Feed Bars and Rollers

  • For all makes and models of machinery
  • Complete pinned roller or bars
  • Flat or sharp tipped pin
  • Any working width

Mini-Trim Opening Rollers

  • LaRoche, Tamafa, Balkan and other OEM machinery
  • Wide variety of pin sizes and pin patterns available for unique applications
  • Wide range of materials can be processed with these rollers
  • High RPM's possible



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