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The K-MAG® Heddle Leno reduces fabric production expenses and guarantees simultaneously safe and optically approvable, flat selvedges.

The sophisticated design is characterized by

  • a reliable patented magnet-control without any external drive elements
  • a special material combination of high-tech synthetics with low weight, doup heddles made of surface-polished steel of superior quality and powerful permanent energy magnets
  • space-saving and user-friendly installation by means of patented movable heddle bolts
  • a broad assortment of varied heddle leno for different weaving machines of all current inserting systems
  • the very good price/performance ratio
  • the reliable selvedge binding up to a speed of 900 picks per minute
  • a considerably improved working lifetime by means of an integrated metallic wear protection and positioning magnets

The lifting healds which withstand highest loads are made of wear-resistant high-tech synthetics which are reinforced by glass fibre elements and enriched with carbon fibre.

The well-directed composition of the material allows the use of almost all current selvedge yarn qualities. The patented double magnet-control is based on high-efficiency NeoDelta magnets which guarantee perfect guidance of the doup heddles even with highest speeds.

To guarantee a trouble-free function of the K-MAG® Heddle Leno , indispensable components are:

  • the patented flexible holding-down devices with ceramic thread guides for two up to six threads to be easily installed by means of adaptors available for all current weaving machines and
  • the Klöcker Cross Leno Cone Creel in various types including the thread reversions.

  • They make up the Klöcker functional unit


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