Textile Yarn & Warp Preparation
Chenille Yarn

Giesse S.r.l. - Yarn Clearing Systems

The first and only clearer for chenille yarns.

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Giesse Yarn Clearing Systems allow for easy and quick calibration of clearers and includes technical assistance directly from Giesse.


Yarn Clearing System - Main Features

  • Perfect clearing of each chenille yarn
  • Calibration of the parameters of the defect to cut
  • Control of the size of the yarn
  • Control of the length of the defect
  • Easy and quick calibration of the clearers
  • Calibration of the sensibility of the clearers
  • Chenille Clearer II can clear each kind of chenille yarn
  • High performance Cutter
  • Technical assistance directly by Giesse
  • 12 month full warranty
  • Technical support about the problems of the chenille yarn
  • Full-compatibility to mount the clearer on every winder
  • Easy mounting on the winders



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