"Louis P. Batson Company is committed to representing and selling products to our customers that promote responsible stewardship of our finite and renewable resources. Our products will be innovative, will be easier to use, will provide an economic benefit, and will promote a safer work environment. Our products will focus on the reduction of raw materials, reduction of water and energy consumption, reduction of waste generated, and the recycling of by-products.

As a third generation company, Louis P. Batson Company is committed to having a continuing, positive impact in our community and our environment. Our legacy will be a continuing promotion of activities and sale of products that ensure opportunities for future generations.

—   Mike May, CEO

Our History

Louis P. Batson, Sr. started Louis P. Batson Company in 1948 upstairs in the garage behind the family home on Augusta Street in Greenville, South Carolina. Batson began with only one product -- a 100 percent wool vibration pad called ShuR-CusH. It was designed to go under machinery to reduce machinery vibration.

One year after its founding, a crisis faced the company and family, when Louis P. Batson, Sr. died unexpectedly at Christmas. Sons, Louis P. Batson, Jr., known as "Biggie" to countless friends from childhood on, and Elliott, were in the service and college respectively and not available to run the business. Batson's wife, Joanna, and daughter Joanna, stepped in to run the business until the sons could return home.




Our Growth

Since 1948, the company has grown and expanded to provide accessories, parts, service, supplies, and capital equipment to textile, plastic, film, foil, rubber and converting manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

With the retirement of Louis P. Batson, Jr., Elliott Batson, and Joanna Batson Stone in December of 2002, the family-owned and operated business, which employs twenty-one (21) people, was led by a third-generation family member, Caroline Batson Stewart. Caroline is Elliott's daughter.

In January of 2018, Batson's 70th year in operation, Mike May was chosen to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Our Team

The staff includes sales, customer service and warehouse, technical support and service, administrative, marketing and advertising personnel. Salesmen cover the Southeast working from their homes.

In addition, independent manufacturer's representatives, who serve as sales agents in areas not covered directly by Batson personnel, augment the Company's sales force. The Company has foreign associates serving Mexico, Latin America and the Far East.

Louis P. Batson Company:

  • supplies a complete selection of machinery accessories, spare parts and plant supplies to the textile, nonwoven, and converting industries. 
  • supplies a wide range of spare parts and accessories to the plastics, paper, film, foil and rubber industries .

We invite you to search our website. If you don't see what you need, contact us and we will find it for you!



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