Textile Yarn & Warp Preparation

SPLICE-AIRE ® yarn joiner - Model PJ-350-1

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The SPLICE-AIRE® yarn joiner eliminates the need to knot yarn ends by entangling their fibers. The entangling of the fibers is achieved by using a short burst of compressed air to make a permanent joint between the yarn ends.

Knotless yarns eliminate:

  • Fabrics defects
  • Picking with removal of yarn from cones
  • Processing problems thru guides, discs, and eyelets.

The equipment is particularly effective with filament yarns. SPLICE-AIRE ® actually produces a stronger bond than the parent yarns, in many cases. SPLICE-AIRE ® is also effective on undrawn and POY filament yarns.  Model PJ-350-1 can be used on yarns with a denier up to approximately 4,000.



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