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Kloecker K-MAG® Selvedge Motion with Needle Slide for Jacquard Weaving

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The K-MAG® Selvedge Motion with needle slide features a consistent realization of the proven cross motion leno process in the field of high-speed Jacquard weaving.

The sophisticated design is characterized by:

  • the solid and application-directed combination of high-grade steel and fibre elements
  • the possibility of a direct drive from the Jacquard machine (knife box) or alternative control by the sinker or - depending on the requirements - by means of the shedding motion
  • smooth thread guiding rollers with unthreading protection a reduction of movable parts to a minimum
  • high resistance to wear
  • a fast and easy installation thanks to different adaptors for all current weaving machines in the field of Jacquard weaving
  • a very good price-performance ratio
  • the reliable selvedge binding up to a speed of 750 picks per minute

Due to the special requirements which have to be met with modern Jacquard weaving machines, the number of movable parts necessary for the selvedge binding has been reduced to the so-called needle slide while the permanent magnet system and the cross motion leno process have been kept.

Consequently, a considerable reduction in the use of energy needed for the control of the selvedge motion as well as of the vibration of the entire construction has been achieved. In connection with the needle slide system, thread guiding pulleys and ceramic thread guides in all critical areas guarantee high speeds and increased productivity.

To guarantee a trouble-free function of the K-MAG® Selvedge Motion with needle slide, indispensable components are:

  • the Klöcker Cross Leno Cone Creels with variable fastening adaptors for four up to eight bobbins and
  • the Klöcker thread reversion units with various fastening adaptors for four up to eight threads.



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