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The Kloecker Propeller Leno® produces frame independently on weaving machines of choice an electronically controlled strong and optically attractive full-cross leno fabric and/or waste selvedge on a two-thread basis.

The sophisticated design is characterized by:

  • a full-cross leno selvedge on a two-thread basis
  • frame independence with the option of individually timing the shed change
  • an electronically controlled, patented unrivaled long duration of the shed opening
  • the potential to pull off leno threads from large bobbins
  • the long-term realization of speeds of over 1.200 picks per minute
  • support of Quick Style Change functions
  • customized selvedge formation sequences
  • a minimum number of movable parts
  • the possibility to upgrade all types and brands of weaving machines quickly
  • low operating costs because of high resistance to wear

The installation of the Kloecker Propeller Leno® is especially advantageous for high and top weaving machine speeds on airjet and waterjet weaving machines. In the low speed field of rapier machines the performance of the Kloecker Propeller Leno® is equally impressive with its long lasting shed opening, minimizing the risk of damaging the leno thread by the rapier. Moreover, even with sensitive fibre glass applications the fabric and/or waste selvedges are set safely.

To guarantee a trouble free function of the Kloecker Propeller Leno®,indispensable components are:

  • the Kloecker Cross Leno Cone Creels with variable fastening devices for two bobbins,
  • the Kloecker thread reversions with different fastening adaptors for two threads and
  • Kloecker Propeller Leno® threading aids.



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