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The Klöcker Cross Leno Cone Creel complements alternatively the K-MAG® Heddle Leno programme, the K-MAG® Selvedge Motion family, the Propeller Leno® and the Disk Runner® forming a precise functional unit which guarantees a long-lasting and perfect performance of the Klöcker Leno devices especially with high-efficiency weaving machines.

The sophisticated design is characterized by:

  • the proper and individually adjustable feeding of the leno yarns by means of torsion springs which thus guarantee a perfect feeding tension
  • the patented combination of two permanent and nick brake systems depending on each other granting the optimum of a steady thread tension
  • thread tension compensation via equalizing springs
  • vibration dampen universal bobbin holders running in ball bearings, suitable for various types of bobbins, for example flanged bobbins, King-type and conical cones with gradually adjustable fixation rings to compensate inside diameter tolerances of the bobbins
  • spring supported bearings or alternatively a vibration element for the absorption of the vibratory movement caused by the machine
  • complete ceramic guidance of the leno threads
  • suitability for the subsequent extension of the cross leno cone creel up to twelve bobbin holders

By means of the universal bobbin holders all commercial types of leno yarns on King-type, flanged and conical bobbins can be fastened easily and safely.

For all current types of weaving machines various fastening adaptors may be provided.



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