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Dollfus & Muller - Felts for Compactors

Nomex® felts for textile compactors or calendering machines in dye houses.

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Dollfus & Muller Nomex® felts (aramid felts) are used on textile compactors or calendering machines in dye houses.

Knitted fabrics are pre-shrunk and stabilized using a compactor, or felt compactor.  There are two types of Nomex® felt compacting machines:

  • Tubular machines for the shrinkage of tubular knitted fabrics
  • Open Width machines for the shrinkage of open width knitted fabrics

The compactor is generally equipped with two steam chambers and two felt units.  Most are steam-heated but some can be equipped with a thermo-oil heating system in order to finish synthetic fabrics.

The shrinkage required (2 - 10%) is maintained on both sides of the fabric by two consecutive endless felts using temperature (usually between 110 & 160°C / 280 & 320°F) and steam pressure. 

A variety of sizes and thicknesses are available depending on the model of the compactor as well as the type of heating.  Dollfus & Muller can also supply Teflon® sheets.

For heat-setting processes, carried out between 350-400°F, Dollfus & Muller has developed heat- resistant Nomex® endless felts.

The compacting felts are used on the following machines : Ferraro, Santex, Sperotto, Lafer, Albrecht, Serteks, Heliot, Ruckh, Monforts, Brückner, Hsing Cheng, Jiangyin Jintian, Dilmenler, Weiss, Hung Jyi, Lafer Türk, Mersan, Bianco, Dong Nam, BH Tech, Fong’s, Poong Kwang, Muzzi, Ssang Ho, Monti, I Kuang,  and Strahm.



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