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Louis P. Batson Company - Capital Equipment - Converting

Coating, Bonding and Drying:

AIGLE Machine s.r.l.
  Complete direct, transfer, and coagulation coating lines for aqueous, solvent, PVC, and PU including all peripheral equipment, ovens and tenters.

Hip-Mitsu srl. Web coating and laminating equipment, systems, machines and lines, mostly for hot melt adhesives. Slot die, spray, and engraved roll coating; extruders, drum and tank melters.  

RF Systems s.r.l.  Radio frequency drying ovens. 
Supplier of foam coaters, thermal bond ovens and through-air dryers. 
Slitting, Winding and Rewinding:

Calemard - Subsidiary of Spoolex. On-and off-line slitting and rewinding machines, traverse winding and spooling equipment and sealing/cutting combination machines.  

Decoup+ - Subsidiary of Spoolex. Ultrasonic slitting, splicing and welding equipment.  

IMS-OMM. Specialized knowledge and experience in slitter-rewinder conversion of aluminium foils and laminates, paper and cardboard, and plastic film

Take Up Systems:  

Cormatex s.r.l  End-of-the-line equipment for the nonwovens industry including cutting, inspection, winding and packaging stations and conveying systems.  

Waste Recycling:

Pallmann Industries. Industrial process solid waste stream material size reduction technology and preparation equipment with an emphasis on returning materials to the production line.

Quick Vac. Vacuum systems for waste streams from simple, portable units to extensive plant wide sytems involving programmable valves, tubing, and receiving stations for varying waste types and automatic balers.         


















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