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ICE 2015 Provides Good Exposure For Converting Products 

The Batson LE-1 circular knife sharpener and MBC Guttin airshafts, bowed rolls, slat expanders, and safety chucks drew a lot of interest with over 50 requests for follow up post-show discussions and quotations.

Additional products and accessories included spreader bars, slitter blades, slitter blade holders, roll covering, static supplies, hand held cutters were exhibited to show the range of support Batson can provide to the converting industry.

"Since this was our first ICE Converting Show, we did not know how our products would be received" according to Steve Ouimette, Marketing Manager. "We were pleasantly surprised at the real interest shown in all our products, but the LE-1 sharpener particularly. With the knife sharpener we struck a responsive cord with companies who are looking to bring circular knife sharpening in-house by providing a reasonably priced, American made sharpener."

The LE-1 Circular Knife Sharpener can be used with single or double beveled knives 1" to 20" in diameter at any angle including negative angles from -15 to +90 degrees.

For additional information contact Steve Ouimette, Marketing Manager, at or by phone at 864-242-5262, x242.

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Super Strength Greased Lightning® Cleaner 

Large Selection of Roll Coverings 

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Industrial Oils and Greases 

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It also red

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