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Nextwire Oven Belting Available 

Louis P. Batson Company's oven belting line includes Nextwire metallic and synthetic wires and fabrics.

Nextwire manufactures wires and belts that feature one piece cable construction allowing a wire to run at extremely high speeds for longer, adding value to the process and profitability to the operation.

Nextwire is unique in their delivery of a one piece, non-welded wire or belt construction for true tracking. Using combinations of stainless steel, carbon steel and bronze, their products typically include caul screens, forming and dryer fabrics, backing wires, press screens and oven wires.

Additional benefits include:

  • Durability & reliability
  • Widths for all machines
  • Endless back woven, spiral, pin or fused loop seams
  • Highest tensile strength for caul screen belts
  • Single strand and cable construction
  • Plain weave, triple chain and twill designs available
Nextwire customized belts are competitively priced with a quicker turn-around time than foreign manufactured belts. Nextwire can also meet OEM specifications.

For more information on Nextwire and Batson’s complete belting line, click here to contact Dreugh Batson.

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