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Beware of Static Electricity! 

Are you ready to combat the serious problems static electricity can cause for your plant operations!

Proper humidity levels are an important factor in controlling static and we have a cost effective solution.

Non-wetting fog, “Dry Fog”, humidification systems offer superb moisture and static electricity control.

Proper levels of moisture can:

(1) Increase productivity and product quality
(2) Increase tensile strength of natural fibers
(3) Reduce yarn splitting and breakage

Fixed - or portable - units spray small humidity droplets directly into areas where moisture is needed without generating rust or other deposits on machinery and equipment.

Savings in energy - up to 1/5 the cost of steam humidification - are possible; while air consumption can be reduced up to 20%.

For more information, click here to download a brochure.

Or contact Marie Cox, at Or phone our Home Office toll-free at 866-572-2876.

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It also red

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