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Roll Coating Services Now Available 

Batson is pleased to now offer the services of MBI Coatings. Located in Lancaster, SC, MBI specializes in surface enhancements and build-up coatings for rolls, shafts, cylinders, wear areas, journals, guides, pans/trays and other machine parts.

MBI’s service areas include:

  • Build-Up and Repair Coatings:
    Using plasma, HVOF, high velocity arc and flame spray systems, MBI can build up surfaces with various alloys anywhere from .001” to over .300” thick with bond strengths over 10,000 psi. MBI routinely uses these coatings on crankshafts, rolls, journals and much more.

  • Non-Stick and Slick Coatings:
    MBI’s TUFFLON has superior slickness with high release properties enforced with metal spray for durability. These coatings are successfully used on trays, pans, rolls of all types, etc.

  • Hard Coatings:
    These include ceramics, carbides, amorphous and nano-tech coatings for extreme wear resistance. Many coatings are available for abrasion, sliding wear, erosion, cavitation, etc. These hard coatings can be used on pump parts, granulator parts, blowers, seal areas, wear plates, etc.

  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings:
    MBI can apply a variety of coatings including Hastalloy, Nickel Chrome, Aluminum, Zinc, inert coating, etc., to combat the many forms of corrosion or oxidation. Anti-corrosion coatings are suitable for agitators, mixers, vats, pump parts, etc.

As an added bonus to customers, MBI will come to you. Their onsite services include wear, corrosion, surface enhancement or repair coatings; and spot plating to repair imperfections on already plated surfaces without stripping and re-plating the entire surface.

Let us help improve the overall effectiveness of your operations by reducing maintenance and costly downtime.

Contact our Home Office for more information.

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