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OEM-Quality Belts for Drying and Oven Applications 

With the recent addition of Cambridge Engineered Solutions (CES) to our product line, Batson can now supply OEM-equivalent belts for most oven and dryer configurations.

“Maryland”-Style Chain Belts

The Cambridge name has a rich history that includes introduction of the first wire belt in 1923. In 1998, a merger with Maryland Wire Belts brought engineering and manufacturing back together under one roof with the name Cambridge International. At this time, the popular saying “Maryland”-style belts emerged and became an industry-wide term. In 2011, Cambridge International adopted the business name of Cambridge Engineered Solutions to better reflect their capabilities.

Their success is our gain. Batson can now supply a large selection of metal straight line belts. So many, in fact, we won’t list all of them here. We will, however, get you up to speed on their more popular styles.

  • DIACRIMP®: Perfect alignment of the DiaCrimp® spirals and rods can reduce belt elongation (stretch) by as much as 70%. Plus, longer belt life is possible from smoother hinging between the diagonal crimp and inner curvature of the spiral. DiaCrimp® also features more carrying surface with no loss of open area which allows for increased throughput. Diagonally crimped rods provide accurate seating with the spirals resulting in significantly improved tracking. The DiaCrimp® is stable enough to virtually eliminate lateral shifting and belt vibration.

  • DURAHINGE®: 30% stronger than conventional flex-style belting. The patented Compound Z-Bend allows true hinging of the wires around sprockets, end rollers, and nose rollers. This reduces stress and fatigue at each joint resulting in belt life that is up to 10 times longer than conventional flex-style belts. True hinging of the wires results in better tracking throughout the life of the belt. Plus DuraHinge® edges continue to lay flat while other flex-style belts bow up and curl leading to snagging and belt damage.

  • PACTITAN®: Lasts 30% longer than other flat wire products. The proprietary PacTitan® manufacturing process results in flatter pickets with better nesting between the picket and the rod. This reduces belt elongation (stretching), improves tracking and contributes to longer belt life. Fully clinched edges provide a superior edge finish that prevents the belt from necking down or hanging up on the side conveyor. And, the PacTitan® DL provides the option of a flat wire belt with dedicated sprocket lanes.
Belts are available for friction drive and sprocket driven applications. CES manufactures sprockets in-house specific to each belt style.

Mesh and Wire Belting News

Batson has been a long-time supplier of Dollfus & Muller mesh belts and Nextwire metal belts. We have product news from both.

Dollfus & Muller has recently introduced the GT-20-DW double-weft Teflon®-coated fiberglass mesh belt. It joins the already popular GT-40-DW in providing additional stability and strength. Furthermore, the GT-20, GT-20-DW, GT-40 and GT-40-DW styles are now available in widths up to 5 meters (approximately 16’).

Nextwire has an important new addition to their product line: a bronze weft belt. Bronze reduces wear on static surfaces.

For additional information on our belting line, please call our Product Specialist, Dreugh Batson, at (864) 242-5262, x270 or e-mail him at

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