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K-GLASS® Selvage Motion Introduced 

Recently, Batson welcomed Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein, Managing Director of Gebrüder Klöcker, GmbH, to our facility for a presentation on the highly anticipated K-GLASS® Selvage Motion for glass and carbon yarns. Also in attendance were major players in the weaving industry.

After meticulous research, design and engineering by Klöcker, the first U.S. appearance of the K-GLASS® was a definite crowd pleaser. A lively discussion ensued as Dr. Schwemmlein detailed the unique K-GLASS® characteristics. Below is a brief recap.

For trouble-free function, K-GLASS® Selvage Motion components include special Klöcker cross leno cone creels with variable fastening adaptors with either integrated or external break detector systems for leno threads.

Other Important K-GLASS® characteristics include:

  • Good price to performance ratio
  • Optically approvable, flat and safe selvages
  • Functionally corresponds to prior devices
  • Flexible enough to adjust to carrying rods of different widths by use of exchangeable clamping parts
  • Can use existing wire cable or the electromagnet connections to drive the lateral motion of the needles
  • Optimized, maximal shed opening
  • Ceramic inserts in all critical areas of the yarn path, while designed with consideration of bending properties of glass fiber
  • Glass leno needles produced in-house using abrasive flow machines with tread eyes being highly polished and having special hard chrome plating
  • User-friendly installation
  • Reliable selvedge binding up to a speed of 1,000 picks per minute
  • Dependable spare parts supply
For more information, a detailed K-GLASS® Selvage Motion brochure can be downloaded by clicking here. This document shows the 5 available versions and which model of weaving machine it corresponds to.

A binding diagram is also available here.

To request a price quote, please submit the following information to our Technical Manager, Chuck Withington:

  • Loom type
  • Model required
  • Heddle length – 11” (280 mm) or 13” (330 mm)
  • Are the body heddles symmetrical (heddle eye in the center)?
  • What is the width of the heddle carrying bar?
Mr. Withington's full contact information is (Office) 864-242-5262, (Cell) 864-616-1818) and E-mail:

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