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Belting Line Expanded 
Louis P. Batson Company has expanded their line of belting! Standard fabrications are available including: rubber, nitrate, butyl and PVC cleats, splicing, lacing, flanges, V-guides, edge finishes, hole punching and grooving. However, design services for special fabrications can be arranged.

Belts include but are certainly not limited to:
    Flat Belts
  • Flat traction drive power applications for all high efficiency and precise machinery
  • Nylon or polyester core strength member
    Timing Belts
  • Neoprene construction with nylon fabric tooth and fiberglass tensile cord; Kevlar® and steel tensile cords available
  • Double-side construction with nylon fabric on both sides
    Conveyor and Processing Belts
  • Polyester construction; synthetic or elastomer coating
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Good antistatic properties
  • Low noise
  • Dimensionally stable
    Additional Belts
  • Poly Chain Belts
  • Super Torgue (STS) Belts
  • Metric Urethane Belts
  • Poly-V Belts
  • And many more
Belting is still competitively priced with excellent turnaround times! For more information on Batson’s complete belting line, click here to contact our Home Office. Or phone us toll-free at 866-572-2876.

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