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Leno System Seminars Successful 
Louis P. Batson Company and Gebr. Klöcker GmbH, a leading designer and manufacturer of Leno equipment, recently hosted three FREE seminars specifically developed for Companies that produce textile fabrics. Personnel from Gebr. Klöcker were on hand to demonstrate equipment as well as conduct two technical presentations. These seminars were ideal for both experienced and new technical staff.

Each Klöcker seminar featured two presentations covering the full range of leno system applications. The first presentation focused on half-cross and cross-motion leno binding systems for dobbies and jacquard weaving machines. Standard equipment applications were reviewed and new technical innovations and upgrades were discussed during question/answer sessions.

The second presentation covered full-cross leno system features required for selvedge binding on high performance weaving machines, particularly in high speed weaving applications. As in the first presentation, standard equipment applications were reviewed and new technical innovations and upgrades were discussed

About Gebr. Klöcker GmbH:

Klöcker GmbH is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Leno devices used to bind the fabric selvedge and to hold the filling pick more firmly in the catch cord or waste selvedge. Recognized by the leading weaving machine OEMs, Klöcker Lenos can be used on nearly every weaving machine. The K-MAG® Selvedge Motion, in 4 and 8 end, the K-MAG® Heddle Leno, and the harness independent Propeller Leno®, capable of 1200 picks per minute, are examples of Klöcker’s world leadership. For more information, go to the Gebr. Klöcker GmbH website at

Klöcker Presenters:
  • Mr. Wolfgang Hopp
    After completing his education in textiles, Mr Hopp joined Klöcker in 1983 first serving as an apprentice in their manufacturing operations. Advancing through the company, Mr Hopp moved into sales, and then sales management. Currently, Mr. Hopp is responsible for Klöcker’s global sales activities. He works closely with the leading weaving machine makers such as, Dornier, Picanol, the Promatech Group, SMIT, Toyota, and Tsudakoma.
  • Mr. Ludger Doods
    After finishing his apprenticeship and studies as a textile technician, Mr. Doods went to work for Klöcker in 1991. He first served as a technician and later as a technical advisor. Currently, Mr. Doods has responsibility for the installation of Klöcker equipment worldwide. In this role, he works closely with all the leading weaving machine makers. In addition, due to his technical skills and knowledge, Mr. Doods works closely with Klöcker’s R&D department.

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