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Batson Honored As Most Efficient Sales Partner 

Borken, Germany: Gebr. Klöcker GmbH recently bestowed upon Louis P. Batson Company the honor of being their most efficient sales partner. Marion Terhart, Klöcker Management Assistant, presented the award to Elliott Batson, President Emeritis, Caroline B. Stewart, President and 3rd generation family member, and Chuck Withington, Batson’s Technical Manager, during a celebratory reception held at the newly renovated, Autohof, in Borken, Germany.

Mrs. Terhart recognized Batson as not only a true and loyal sales partner to Klöcker, but a support through serious business challenges. Mrs. Terhart went on to explain that this is the basis for a real partnership.

Caroline Batson Stewart, as well as her father, H. Elliott Batson, took the opportunity to express their gratitude to Klöcker while referring to this special relationship as being based on a partnership between two companies that have existed for decades.

Klöcker is a well known manufacturer of leno devices for half-cross, cross-motion and full-cross binding of fabric selvage and the catch-cord or waste selvage. Binding of the selvage is critical to prevent unraveling or tearing of the selvage during later processing. Tighter binding of the catch-cord can give the opportunity to reduce filling waste, reduce catch-cord warp direction ends and reduce loom stops associated with the catch-cord. Klöcker devices can accomplish these tasks using the harness mounted 2-end heddle leno, the 4-end and 8-end units or the harness independent Klöcker Propeller Leno providing a full cross 2-end binding.

Klöcker heddle lenos feature wear-resistant properties like:

  • Prevention of leno ends cutting into the sides
  • Magnetic control and braking coupled with an enhanced metal doup that allows better yarn control and guiding
  • Magnetic braking action that further reduces the cutting in to the leg by the metal doup
  • Magnets at the top of each leg to aid in keeping the device vertical
  • A dust removal hole at the bottom of each leg that helps with removal of any dust accumulated in the leg.
In addition, Klöcker has released their highly anticipated K-GLASS® Selvage Motion for glass and carbon yarns. For trouble-free function, K-GLASS® Selvage Motion components include special Klöcker cross leno cone creels with variable fastening adaptors with either integrated or external break detector systems for leno threads.

Other important K-GLASS® characteristics include:

  • Good price to performance ratio
  • Optically approvable, flat and safe selvages
  • Functional corresponding to prior devices
  • Flexibililty to adjust to carrying rods of different widths by use of exchangeable clamping parts
  • Use of existing wire cable or the electromagnet connections to drive the lateral motion of the needles
  • Optimized, maximal shed opening
  • Ceramic inserts in all critical areas of the yarn path, while designed with consideration of bending properties of glass fiber
  • Glass leno needles produced in-house using abrasive flow machines with tread eyes being highly polished and having special hard chrome plating
  • User-friendly installation
  • Reliable selvedge binding up to a speed of 1,000 picks per minute
  • Dependable spare parts supply
For more information on Klöcker's product line, please contact Chuck Withington by e-mail or by phone at (Office) 864-242-5262, (Cell) 864-616-1818.

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