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Combs and Lease Rods 

Louis P. Batson Company can supply interlocking as well as conventional combs manufactured to computer precision - using exact customer specifications - with absolute pin spacing, near zero tolerance and unrestricted comb length. Repair services are also available.

With the quality and uniformity of a beam depending upon a comb, it’s important to choose carefully. Comb types include:

  • Spring Expansion: an excellent general purpose comb; less expensive option when accuracy is not critical.
  • Positive Expansion: most widely used comb on both warpers and slashers; exclusive construction features; greatest range of counts and hard chrome plated; best solution for balance between cost and accuracy.
  • Swing: primarily for slashers but used on warpers; the swing action adjusts the count of the warp sheet making this style the most accurate type of comb.
  • All Metal: all types and sizes available; flat or oval dents; plain or chrome-plated.
  • Section: for warpers and slashers; comb sections are 4” and 11” with special widths available.
  • Precision Drilled-In Beaming, Warping, Slashing: used when yarn spacing is critical; additional applications include tape and tire cord lamination.

Lease Rods are also available:

  • Split, burster or lease type
  • Chrome plated with flat, tapered ends
  • Available in any diameter

For more information and price quoting, please contact Patrick Maness, Product Specialist, by phone at (864) 242-5262 or by e-mail at For a printable version of our comb and lease rod information, please click here.

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