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New Service for Slitting Operations 

Louis P. Batson Company is a long-time supplier of circular slitting blades, slitting roll sleeves, blade holders and blade re-sharpening services to the textile, film, foil, and nonwovens industries.

We are pleased to announce a new slitting service: expert pneumatic score knife holder repair.

Services include:
    • Complete holder disassembly;
    • Cleaning, inspection, replacement of cylinder piston cups, yokes, springs, forks and other hardware as required;
    • If necessary, parts can be re-built from scratch.

Holders are then carefully realigned and tested for function and accuracy.

Most American and European type holders, including Cameron, Dienes, and Dusenbery, can be quickly and expertly repaired or replaced.

For more information on knife holder repairs
click here to contact our Home Office.

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