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Quality Web-Based Card Training 

It is certainly possible, in the rush of modern day production schedules, to lose sight of consistent and qualified machine training for your production employees. Maybe not noticed at first, a lack of training can slowly impede production rates and lower employee morale.

Unfortunately there is a lack of training materials for the nonwovens industry. Plus, less staff in a plant can limit the time available for training.

Involved in the start-up of nine nonwoven companies and with thirty-eight plus years of work on the nonwovens plant floor, Don Hindman has risen to the challenge of meeting a real need among production workers with the release of Carding 101.

Carding 101 is an interactive, web-based course designed for the nonwoven line operator and anyone else working with roller top cards. It's benefits include ease of use and budget-friendly cost. It also ensures that all employees are trained consistently. A student’s progress can be easily monitored by the appointed test administrator.

There are ten chapters with a quiz at the end. Chapter Titles include:

  • Intro to Carding
  • How Fiber Flows Through The Card
  • Card Wire
  • Settings
  • Speeds
  • Carding Theory
  • Miscellaneous Systems
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • And, Choking
Registration is only $89 and the course is active online for four weeks. You can start, stop or review pages as you like.

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    For more information, please contact Rick Childress by clicking here. Or phone him at 864-242-5262, x241.

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